Diving into Mamdouh's creative adventure working for beIN SPORTS TV

Mamdouh Bayan is one of those media personalities hailing from Qatar who has managed to emerge as an

individual who is well aware of the technicalities working for a Sports TV channel. He is able to utilize his

knowledge about sports to employ a creative face to the content that goes on-air. 

As Mamdouh Bayan is a versatile artist with great exposure to how direction is done around the world,

Mamdouh is able to translate his creative brilliance into everything he oversees at beIN Sports TV. 

The exposure it guaranteed!

Working for beIN Sports TV has given him the chance to be introduced to the sports world. beIN Sports is one

of the largest Sports TV chains in the world. He joined beIN Sports TV in 2015 and since then has got the

chance to work on multiple global projects including experience of his lifetime during FIFA World Cup 2018.

Mamdouh is also engaged in preparations of multiple shows and telecasting of FIFA World Cup 2022.

Having worked as a freelance music director, photographer and art director for many music videos,

short films and photography projects, Mamdouh got a chance to meet several top-notch artists in the Middle

Eastern entertainment industry. And, working for the sports domain offered him the chance to meet

international sports legends and experts.

Mamdouh once said in an interview, “If you are afraid of failures then you will suffer a lot in the media

industry. Just forget about the fear of failure. Once you step into the media industry, you have to put in

a lot of efforts which eventually helps you in growing as an artist.”

What he means from this is that the only reason he has managed to emerge as a successful artist is that

he focused on his goals and aspirations more than anything else. He did not bother paying attention to

what others said about him. He failed at several occasions but he never let himself down. 

Not to forget that working for beIN Sports TV also means that he gets to experience a better exposure to

how the media and entertainment industry works. 

What is more to know?

It does not really matter what media organization you are working for. What matters more is that a media

personality should focus more on his or her goals and targets instead of worrying about failures.

Good luck to everyone struggling with their career, just know that it does get better!